Newmade Desk

photography by Susa Silvermarie
Creation Place photo by Susa

Huanacaxtle tree, you grew for me.
Now your honey grain
makes the desk where I create.
Your feathery leaves
gave majestic shade.
Now to me you give
your blessing and protection.
May your fragrant blossoms
scent my poems.
May I be as steadfast in my art
as this heartwood of your mighty trunk.
Your radiance! It hums
for my attention
Like a lover I am drawn to you.

You call me to my work!
Parota, Guanacaste,
tree of many names,
your seed that grew within a pod
shaped like an elephant’s ear,
sprang to life and came to me.
I sit now at the desk from you
and listen hard for poems.
May the words I craft
on your alluring surface
make me worthy of your splendor.
Following your sterling ways,
oh Huanacaxtle tree,
I pledge to the world my every gift.

©Susa Silvermarie 2017

The desk was made (and delivered yesterday!) by carpenter Jorge Eliosa Franco; the tree, by Mother Earth.





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  1. Oh Susa what an inspiring place to create…such a gift from the beauty of Mother Nature …and the craftsman who transformed the tree into his work of art!

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