She would stand at the window
checking the cars parked on our block.
She knew each neighbor’s wheels
and she watched for unfamiliar ones.
I foolishly perceived
this tracking of our neighborhood
as busybody action. Nosy, I thought.

I was young and judging,
and full of separation.
I thought that minding any business
not my own, was somehow impolite.
I couldn’t see how her curiosity
kept us linked, secure.
Decades it has taken me
to grasp the breadth of her caring,
and how she could keep her channels open
while staying grounded in herself.

Nowadays I practice tuning in
and call it meditation.
I eavesdrop on the quantum mind
and understand that everybody’s business
belongs to me, and I to everybody’s business.
I’m standing at the Third Eye window
checking projections, tracking goodness,
spying on the world inside.
The neighborhood is wider every day.

©Susa Silvermarie 2019
with thanks to Jeannie David

NASA photo of Pleiades

Pleiades by NASA


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