Measure of My Days

photography by Susa SilvermarieIn a measured manner
I walk the labyrinth,
sensing the center draw me.
The path does not narrow
yet it tightens inward
At the heart of the labyrinth,
a sipapu of transformation,
a portal from which I rise
and the one through which
I shall someday pass.
Moving toward the core,
I leave behind unchosen avenues,
and drop
my heavy costumes one by one.
I make my way to Light,

and pause.
at the center
of the labyrinth
and me.
Is it my time?
Is it today?
Not yet,
not yet.

Unwinding out, I walk,
without collecting castoffs.
I’m surprised to find
that step by step I lighten further.
I’m unfurling with the labyrinth,
swirling like a galaxy arm
in a slowly widening circle.
And every time I walk back out from center,
the labyrinth expands my vista.

Today I glimpse the pattern,
a repeating rhythm of my days.
Circling round and in.
Circling round and out.
Spiraling in layers always fresh.
I walk the sacred labyrinth of life.

©Susa Silvermarie 2020
thanks to Florida Scott-Maxwell for The Measure of My Days

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