Making the eBook Physical

What’s an old school reader who craves to hold a physical book in her hands to do, when there’s something we long to read that is available only in a digital format? First, go ahead and Sigh. Then, download a free Kindle reading app suited to your computer.

Next, download that e-Book that is NOT physical. Now follow the rest of the instructions, which are purely physical!

Make up for what you crave, this way: Fix yourself a cup of coffee or pour yourself a glass of wine. Sit in your most comfortable chair with your laptop, or drag the rocker to your desktop. Turn down the room lights, turn up the screen lights, and settle in to read. Once you’re immersed in a book, you know what happens. You enter its world. Soon enough, the fact that it isn’t a physical book may even be— heavens—forgotten!

Tomorrow January 14 is the final day for my e-book Giveaway on Amazon. Tales from My Teachers on the Alzheimer’s Unit is a digital read, but now you know how to make the experience physical.



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