Looking Back to the Cusp


photo by Tara Short of Green Edventures, March 2020

A whale at the side of the panga
spouted through her blowhole,
looked me in the eye and let me know,
that blowing words of air from out my mouthhole
was my way to play a part in the unfolding.
The whales who came to message us
pressed me urgently
to apprentice to my voice.
Those grays seemed to know,
as we did not,

that the human world was just about
to turn completely inside out.
On the cusp of the Pandemic,
the whales insisted from the waves
that we begin at once to live a life
worthy of our breath!
That each of us participate
in the transmutation of our species,
and allow to blossom on our planet once again,
the pleasure called belonging.

©Susa Silvermarie 2021


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