Life’s Download

How we hide it from our minds,
the site of the link
on each body ever born.
Trained to disregard
the stub of the sacred cord,
we are lost, longing
for forgotten female origins.

Time to praise the omphalos.
Time to look, and look well,
at the precious place of life’s own download.
Let us belly dance with bells.
Let us gaze upon our navals
and travel thus
to the holy hub of planet self,
to the wisdom of connection.

The button in each belly
burns back and back through time
through all ancestral mothers.
What unites us all
might yet save us from destruction
The site of the link
on each body ever born
proclaims that we are one.
For the motherbond yokes one and all.

©Susa Silvermarie 2018








One Response to “Life’s Download

  • Jennie Orvino
    1 year ago

    I’m not sure i ever read such a glorious poem about belly buttons, or any poem about belly buttons. thanks for inspiration, as always.!

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