La Muerte de Todos Los Días

Last night at the Ajijic Cultural Center, El Forito Theatre Troupe presented La Muerte de Todos Los Días. My Spanish wasn’t fluent enough to understand most of the fast narration during the scenes/skits, but the superb acting carried me through and inspired the following piece:

The Death of Every Day

The Death of Every Day
invites me to kiss her on the lips.
She says I will die,
but live again, to die—
if I take her for my bride.
How humble she makes me feel,
how equal to all.
For the offer to fall in her arms,
so intimate, so alluring,
is one she makes to every being.
So handsome she is,
I do not feel afraid.
She takes my hand as if
she has known me since my birth.
Shall we dance, she asks?
Dancing with Death
for all of life, I risk
nothing but what comes to all.
We twirl and dip and spin!
Dancing with passionate Death
I devote myself to living breath
and willingly
whirl away the days.

©Susa Silvermarie 2017

“…the beautiful resignation and release of a Mexican death, how death in Mexico is not something separate from life, but bound to it by a million invisible filaments. The task for the living is to tease out these filaments, adorn them with coloured paper and tinsel; make them visible.”       p.14, In the Casa Azul, by Meaghan Delahunt

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