Ix Chel

The Full Pisces Moon on Sunday August 26 is a beautiful day to connect with and work with the energies of Ix Chel (pronounced Ee-shell) as a female aspect of Consciousness. Her name means Lady Rainbow, and she is the Maya Goddess of the moon, weaving, and water. She has many titles, such as Ix Kanleom, the “Spider’s Web Catching the Morning Dew”, and Ix Chebal Yax.

In her aspect as Chak Chel, the Old Moon Goddess, she is the Midwife of Creation who assists in birthing worlds and civilizations. In her aspect as a Mother Goddess, Ix Chel is known as the Weaver who sets the Universe in motion, her whirling drop-spindle at the very center of the Universe. And in her aspect as the Young Moon Goddess, Ix Chel holds close her totem animal of Rabbit for fertility and abundance.

Overall, Ix Chel is a great Water Goddess. Female pilgrims came by water annually to pray at her great shrine on the island of Cozumel and also her shrine on Isla Mujeres. (My photos are from her shrine on Isla Mujeres. ) Ix Chel is known to bring about the transmutation of old worlds by the pouring of sacred waters. In these Turning Times, she prepares the way for a new age, assisting us to fully enter the 5th Sun, time of One Thousand Years of Healing.


In the Temple of Ixchel

I have come with my sisters before
where aqua waters arc their constant carress
around the southern point of the island.
Now when the ruins are nearly disappeared,
I walk this path that curves above the cliffs,
but once before,
I prayed and sang in procession.
Once before we laughed to be so safe
in the Temple of Ix Chelab Yax.
Faint music from the past—
flute and voice, gull,
something sweetly strung—
all for Her, the Fecund Mother.
Here I greet my gone-before,
who nods in glad surprise
to me, her elder descendant.
I walk the sea wall singing
for Daughter IxChel, for Mama Tonantzin.
The rocks remain, and the rolling sea,
where I return to honor Her.
Ask, Ixchel demands. And so, again, I do.
Goddess of Conception, change my view
and let me trust in Love.
Goddess of Birth,
in the time of the fifth sun, may I give light,
and may I learn to receive it.
Goddess of all Nurture,
grant that I and the world be done with blaming.
May I with the earth, rise as your daughter,
free and whole in love.

©Susa Silvermarie 2013

3 Responses to “Ix Chel

  • Love Ix Chel. My novella, Sarana’s Gift, is about a young girl’s adventure in the land of Ix Chel. I, too, discovered her on Isla Mujeres many years ago. Thanks for the poetry and the memories.

  • I love her inscription, “Goddess of the Rainbow and the Moon.”

  • astrologerjenny
    2 years ago

    Thanks for sharing this beautiful piece. Happy full moon to you, Susa!

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