Indigenous Peoples

Catching on in a number of cities across the USA is the idea of Indigenous Peoples’ Day as the perfect replacement for celebrating Columbus (ie Invasion) Day. On this day I celebrate the world’s indigenous peoples, transmuting my own and the invaders’ scarcity-thinking into the paradigm of  sharing an abundant earth.

All earthlings are indigenous to our precious spinning planet. Blessed Be.

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  1. Lynn & I celebrated Charlottesville’s first Indigenous Peoples Day at the Kluge-Ruhe Aboriginal Museum yesterday, which is just a very short distance from us. We first had a tour and listened to a wonderful young woman who is the current curator and also teaches art history at PVCC (the local community college). Afterwards, 10 of us, including our hostess, stayed to eat lunches we had brought and had very interesting discussions. So fortunate to live in a more progressive and liberal town – which has many of it’s own problems & issues, but at least they are trying to be responsive and empathetic to the groups that have been marginalized.


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