In the Shelter of the Night

That night when I was ten,
I danced in summer dark
outside my grandma’s gazebo.
Warm air caressed my skin
and when it flowed right through me,
I vanished into spirit.
The town slept on and let me be,
freed, and kissed to oneness.
While crickets played their violins,
I whirled without a worry
in the shelter of the night,
alone, yet joined with everything.

Seven decades later,
I fetch the wonder
of that warm dark oneness
and bring it to the present.
I call the feeling forth.
All divisions fall away,
again I harmonize with life.
But now I understand
that congruence is the pattern
we came intending to express.
Each of us, alone
yet joined with everything.

©Susa Silvermarie 2021

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