In Magdalena Bay

Our blue boat
slices the water between
dunes of Baja desert.
A seagull sister
glides behind
like the tail of our kite.
Wind plays with sand
on Magdalena Island,
sculpting volcanos and ravines,
pyramids, faces,
and whole sand towns.
Oh great wind artist,
thank you for the hieroglyphics
of your impermanent poems.

We weave our way on water
past a mangrove forest.
Thank you, service trees,
nursery for many beings.
And how happy the birds, here
where no humans interfere.
Pelicans so neighborly,
and herons poised so solo on the beach.

At last, we come to where
the slow giants
go like god.
Grey whale mama,
when you expel your milky cloud.
your baby has only to open
her huge and hungry mouth.
You feed my hunger too,
with the blessing of your skin!
Grey whale mama,
you let me touch you.
You let me touch you.

©Susa Silvermarie 2020

One Response to “In Magdalena Bay

  • Not only did She let you touch Her, but She’s staring right at you!! What a fabulous pic! With such a great story!

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