Human Luminous

Darkness is the hidden place
where women find the strength to birth.
Now humanity is birthing,
the surge of labor’s pain upon us all.
We must release our schooled fear of Dark,
for the hour is upon us.

No mother can tell you, no father knows.
We must allow the Dark to be our teacher.
We will die from rupture
if we don’t expand and open.
Yes it is our species in the throes,
yet each member births alone in Dark.

There is no bringing light
without the nesting womb of Dark.
Remember when the Quantum Field was not?
The bang of birth was never meant as gentle.
The mothers know there is no going back.
The hour is upon us.

Look to the Darkness as to a friend.
We descend to black unknowing
whether we are holding back
or pushing with our breath.
The contractions say our time has come,
Homo luminous is crowning!

©Susa Silvermarie 2021

One Response to “Human Luminous

  • The bang of birth! I was privileged to attend two births besides the birth of my own child. Pretty extraordinary event. I love this photo of the father pulling his babe forth.

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