Happy 100th, Mama!






My mother’s radiance the day she was born
and her beauty at one hundred years,
is a splendor that sings into timespace
with or without human remembering.

As every sound ever made on earth
reverberates, still, out into the multiverse,
never lost, never recallable,
so vibrations, the frequencies
of which we each are built,
and so my mother’s loveliness—
reaches out and out,
infinitely extending
into the expanding cosmos.

When I am gone, my molecules
will remember all their history.
My mother’s magnetic magnificence
will not have vanished or be spent.
She and I, home again in Greater Selves—
she and I, in other forms,
in configurations not yet known—
will venerate our earthly motherbond.

When she and I go back,
before our bornings here,
I will know her luminosity anew
in a present, singing moment.

My mother’s radiance the day she was born
and her beauty at one hundred years,
sings and sings beyond all time.

©Susa Silvermarie 2018

She Who Laughs, Lasts!









6 Responses to “Happy 100th, Mama!

  • I am transported, Susa, by your beautiful poem-tribute to our Mom…to life… everlasting. Thank you. What a special time we had.

  • Diane Sherman
    10 months ago

    Beautiful Susa, what joy you and your mother express.

  • Such a sweet and powerful vibration this poem you send
    out into the Universe, touching my heart and the heart of my motherbond, too. Happy BIRTHday to your amazing Mama! Her smile will lift my spirit for days to come! It is so wonderful you got to hold one another again! Sending giant hug dear sister, Susa!

  • Pat Conway
    10 months ago

    Congrats to your mom. Great poem about her and I love the photos.

  • This is lovely, Susa.

  • Simone Roy
    9 months ago

    So emoving. What a beautiful lady. Thank you for sharing this incredible moment!

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