Fresh and Benevolent

photography by Susa Silvermarie

Conchita and Susa

Happy Fresh Time, my son Dave told me on the phone this New Year’s Eve morning, and I’m happy to pass it on to you! My focus for 2020 is benevolence  Here’s how Dawson Church of EFT Tapping puts it:

“Believe in a benevolent universe. When you hear the voices of fear and confusion around you, center yourself in love…When you’re tuned in to fear, it’s hard to hear the song of love that the universe plays all around us every day. That love song is whispering through our neurons, echoing through the 70 trillion cells in our bodies, and harmonizing with melodies in the field around us. We don’t have to deny today’s problems, or dismiss the fears of our friends. We simply need to keep perspective, and keep tuning our minds into the love song of the universe. When we attune to it, we hear the refrain of that love song everywhere. There’s positive news all over the place. So in this season, open your heart wide and feel the energy of love that keeps the planet spinning. Bring this awareness to your own mind, and the gatherings of people around you. Join me and billions of other people in celebrating what’s right with the world, right with each other, and right with our own lives.” (Dawson Church)

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