Alignment at Foco Tonal

The theory says the earth behaves
exactly like a living organism.
The Gaia Hypothesis sees
our individual human minds embedded
in the larger mind of eco-systems,
and the systems, sisters and brothers,
embedded in a planetary mental system.
The Mind of Gaia, science calls it.
And oh how we poets smile,
as visions of science and visions of mystics become one…

from Homeplace by Susa Silvermarie ©1985

Say that Planet Earth is a conscious and vibrant living entity with subtle structures such as magnetic fields, as well as a physical ones. A vortex is an intersection of her electromagnetic meridians, also known as ley lines, which can intersect in different ways and create different types of energy vortices. A vortex can be thought of as an earth chakra on a planetary energy grid, power places believed to be spherical in shape, expanding in all directions in a spiral motion, with a radius extending for hundreds of kilometers, spinning either clockwise or counter-clockwise.

At Focal Tonal in Ocotlán, Mexico, an hour from where I live, I became quieted by standing on the vortex. I moved slowly, kept to myself, felt dreamy and tranced. I felt like a person full of holes that were closing. Forgotten scars that were healing. I felt as if the crossing point were pushing up from the ground to the sky. Standing on that spot, I felt a pulse transforming my molecules. Might I materialize elsewhere, I wondered? Beam me up, Foco Tonal! I seemed to remain in place, oh well.

Or did I? Am I writing this in a parallel dimension where everything is almost the same, but not? My world feels more whole, as if the pieces fit better and the  gaps were gone. As if my center of gravity eased gently down to my pelvic bowl, which now brims with a stability that is very, very quiet.

Despite Foco Tonal being surrounded with the usual gift shops and tour guides, I experienced a subtle energy there that had me grateful. Half of our dopamine and most of our serotonin, hormones associated with good feelings, are produced in the enteric brain in our bellies. Since the womb is adjacent to the small intestine, my gut feeling of serenity at Foco Tonal is likely a delphic (Greek delphys: womb) perception. But perhaps you don’t need to travel to a known vortex to experience Gaia energy pushing up to align you. Maybe you can stand still in your own back yard, and feel her through your own bare feet. Could  she be waiting for you to be ready for her healing?

Alignment at Foco Tonal

At this vortex, one of many,
a rod of living light
aligns me, feet to crown.
None can overturn me.
I feel the earth and stars
meet within my heart.
A thrum of luminosity
both lifts and anchors me.
I stand unscarred, unhurt
in this power place, the light
running its power
through the storage cell I am.
Pulsing through, illumination
roots and buoys me,
restores me whole.
None can tip my being.
And one thing more I know:
The steady, quiet alignment
secures me in a larger light—
I take my place
in the Family of beings.

©Susa Silvermarie 2017

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