Estoraques and Granadilla

photography by Susa SilvermarieEstoraques (Es tor AH kays) is the name given to landscape  shaped by erosion into large brownstone pedestals and columns   In Colombia, the Estoraques  have been made into a protected Park, but here in Ecuador  they comprise a completely undeveloped area of natural grandeur, surrounded only by fields of granadilla fruit.

This youtube video, how to eat a granadilla, youtube, shows a formal way to cut into the fruit and scoop it out with a fork, but here on the side of the road, I was shown the easy way. Bite off a piece of outer skin, spit it out, and suck out the dark juicy seedy fruit! And the inner skin layer of white, also can be eaten for digestive medicine. Yes, I ate the whole thing and bought a bagful to go. Mmmmm.


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  • spectacular, glad to get the reality of the areas you traveled!

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