In my lifetime, entanglement
has turned its meaning on its head.
Not the loveless marriage,
nor the twisting whale caught in a net;
but a quantum something to trust.

a new microscope is called.
And in Switzerland,
a voting system.
Even the synchronization
of global atomic clocks.
Entanglement’s the basis
for every kind of crypto currency
But mere increase of information,
or even
teleportation of the same,
on its own, is not
the jeweled net we humans
need to understand.

Practical uses will change our lives
only if we change
and save the planet from ourselves.
Entanglement of particles
offers a spinning metaphor,
telling us our loneliness
is simply a mistaken view.
What’s true for these electrons
will be found to be the case
for macroscopic bodies such as ours.
My state affects your state,
your state determines mine,
in an intimate correlation
unbreakable by any distance.

Ah, entanglement,
now a lovely emerald vision,
a truth I trust and live by.
Oh happy breath, that lets me be
entangled, dear reader, with you.

©Susa Silvermarie 2021


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