Ecstatic Motion

Stop being so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion. Rumi

There is a lake I love,
and so my heart, as mother,
holds it healed.
I see the lake, Chapala,
the way I have been told
it appeared in generations past.
I hold it healed, transparent.
Swimming fish visible
to the bottom of the waters.

My heart as mother,
extends this holding to the earth.
I hold nestled as a growing child
in the womb of my awareness,
the template of our planet’s health.
I hold the whole earth healed.
I glory in its natural state,
its quantum blueprint of balance.
This my vigorous politics,
my earthling social action,
this the full engagement
of my human energetics.

Parting the illusory curtain of time,
I hold as steward such an earth
as shall be greened again,
and everywhere renewed.
As quantum gardener I participate
in the daring cultivation
of earth’s full potency.
I partake with you in re-creation,
in deep planting and re-greening
of ourselves and of society.

I hold in wonder undefended
even the beings called humans.
Women never birth enemy faces, [i]
so our mistakes and our missteps
cannot unshine the miracles we are.
Our thoughts, not inside the head,
but measurable in the field outside[ii]
can remedy the harms and make us new.
I am the broadcast of the field;
spirit, energy, creative force—
it doesn’t mind the name you give.
My conscious broadcast joins
with multitudes who now
amplify the field and tip awareness-
We know the world connected!

Oh lake I love, oh earth!
The space we once deemed empty—
99.99999 percent of everything,
nearly all of the cosmos,
nearly all of my body, and yours—
has never been empty at all;
but bursting unseen with a cosmic sea,
space-time sloshing and washing,
not only out there, but through
every atom of me
through every atom of you,
space/time prana streaming,
an invisible field that connects us.

Oh lake I love, oh earth!
I have cast myself within you,
and have brought you into me.
Silence isn’t empty either.
You sing my melody and I sing yours.
Every proton carries the whole
universe entire,
the way I carry the lake, the earth.
The information of the universe
in every holographic proton,
at the center of every atom.
The power of the universe
inside of you, inside of me.

This is the time to throw away despair.
Every breath and action that we take
on behalf of shifting consciousness
in the cosmos we belong to,
is sacred action— jubilation!
Our lives on earth are made
from explosions of the stars.
All our lives we dance with them.
Let your heart, as mother,
hold the stars.
Let it spin and dance.
Let us spin and dance
with stars.
©Susa Silvermarie 2019

[i]  Meridel Le Sueur in Rites of Ancient Ripening

[ii] An MEG, MagnetoEncephaloGraph, reads magnetic fields of brain function with a probe located in the air, rather than attached to the body like that of an EEG.


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