Dressed in All My Decades

I am dressed in all my decades.
Rich brocades of experience
make a no-edge rainbow
bleeding colors into wide sky.

I’m worn, and regularly mended.
Restoration patches
in a multitude of brilliant layers
make me into living art.

Worn, indeed, delightfully scuffed
by life’s great dance
rubbed to original wonder,
the luster that returns at circle’s end.

The skirts of my bones
fringed with fraying threads
embellish and bedeck
the radiance around my heart.

My tatty-wonderful brain
saves me from the trivial
forgotten things,
spares me for what matters.

Worn and easy as a rocker,
I rouse and wake
in the spacious present
more alive than I have ever been.

©Susa Silvermarie 2019

One Response to “Dressed in All My Decades

  • Just today, a few hrs ago, Natalie quoted the line from this poem.

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