Dimension Adventures

Dimension adventures is what I wish
for my friend who got the pronouncement
of dementia no one wants.
Could those cerebral pathways want
to be startled apart, or crisscrossed new,
or shifted into traveling a tangled way?
No way to understand the why.

My wish for her is to see
through those holes ventilating the brain,
as if they were windows
into a different dimension,
which, let’s assume, why not,
runs on a current of kindness.

May she be brave, looking through at the alien place.
May her balm in bewilderment be
the trust of those who love her.
May she be steadied by her own poet’s soul,
the brain, after all, so much
smaller a magnetic imprint than the heart.*

May her heart continue to run the show.
May her heart tell her brain how to support her
in the face of the diagnostic words
slapped stinging on her path.
May my dear friend’s heart
be the organ to inform her
how to experience the world.

©Susa Silvermarie 2019

* Research shows that the heart is 100x more powerful electrically, 5000x more powerful magnetically than the brain. A world-wide transformation into a more coherent world based on heart intelligence is underway.


One Response to “Dimension Adventures

  • Lyn Galbreth
    1 year ago

    Oh yes. Some tears spring up, and much more hope springs up, for your friend.

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