Days for Girls

in their excitement at receiving the means to stay in school, these local girls are  tossing their handsewn menstrual health kits into the air! I have just joined the Days for Girls Lake Chapala Team. The following information is straight from their amazing brochure. Days for Girls is a global movement that prepares and distributes sustainable menstrual health kits to girls who would otherwise miss school during their periods or drop out completely. Days for Girls also provides education in schools on topics including, Self Care, Understanding the Menstrual Cycle, Health and Hygiene, Avoiding Unwanted Pregnancies, Violence Prevention, Sexuality, Circle of Women, and Empowerment.

DfG International has developed the kits as a labor of love incorporating feedback from thousands of women and girls around the globe. The result is a reusable solution that lasts for up to three years, uses little water, dries quickly, saves money over disposables, is comfortable, and has a high user-acceptance. DfG Chapala, besides managing and providing the distribution of kits, also runs a 10 hour workshop (by DfG Lake Chapala Menstrual Health Ambassador, Hana Figueroa) that includes boys in the education and has a continuing program through social media.

DfG Chapala is the only official DfG Team in Mexico. You can help by hosting a meeting, volunteering for sewing, donating time, and donating money. Giving back is part of what makes retirement in the wonderful Mexican culture so rewarding.

3 Responses to “Days for Girls

  • This sounds like a wonderful worthwhile project Susa. Good for you. Presume you are still in the same place? You did mention how expensive it was getting? Kind thoughts, much love Joy

  • Jennie Orvino
    7 months ago

    You have made me aware of so many things through your blog, Susa. I love that folks are helping with such simple, basic, essential things for young women. I’m writing an article now on Mentoring for NorthBay biz magazine and I’m moved to tears with every interview I do. When I research how much President Obama cared about youth, science, mentoring I get a sick feeling about how much we have devolved. Thank Goddess for you and sisters like you who continue to care about girls and women.

  • Gratitude for your work with this wonderful organization and for all you do for girls, women, all humans and this beautiful planet we are privileged to visit. Always an inspiration, much love my dear friend.

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