Cosmic Family Name

Belonging’s no goal, only
the state of everything.
Not a sense or feeling,
merely what the stars do
in relation to each other.
is the cosmic family name.

When false aloneness
sweeps through you,
smile at the mix-up, bow
to the misunderstanding.
Let the shaking hearts,
yours, mine,
quake as they grow.

Let belonging reveal
yearnings inside one other,
and a union unshakable.
Close your eyes.
Find inside
the cauldron of belonging,
your cosmic family name.

©Susa Silvermarie 2019

I am deeply honored that this is one of four of my poems featured in the 2021 WeMoon Datebook. We’Moon is an iconic astrology planner, moon phase calendar, and visionary collection of fabulous feminist art and writing submitted by creative women from all over the world. We’Moon 2021: The World, celebrating We’Moon’s 40th anniversary in print, honors deep mysteries of the natural world, women’s paths toward spiritual transformation, and heartfelt actions for reparative justice. I wouldn’t begin a new year without this amazing datebook!

ps You can find this same poem in my book Poems for Flourishing under the title “Cauldron of Belonging.”


3 Responses to “Cosmic Family Name

  • We’moon’s 2021entry for Winter Solstice is so beautiful, so deeply honoring of the dark, reversing all the cultural trends to glorify light over darkness, so I read it aloud at our Winter Solstice celebration the other night.

  • Congratulations on the publications in We’moon Datebook, Susa. I have to look for that one; I’m still one of those people who uses a physical datebook!

  • This is a very
    beautiful poem, Susa.
    I also really like
    On the World Road.
    Thank you for your
    very special creations.

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