Call Yourself Forth

photography by Susa SilvermarieThe path of waking
attains nothing, uncovers
what is there, reveals
rudimentary goodness.
Dismantling cover-ups,
disarming weapons, it’s all
an inside job; step up!
Clear-eyed, open-hearted,
orient your daily life
to waking radiant
even while the world dissolves.
Seeing goodness
pierces human gloom
like a laser.
Call yourself! Call yourself forth
to perceive what is real.
From eons of compression,
lift the shining gem.
Recognize love by Susa Silvermarie

©Susa Silvermarie 2018






One Response to “Call Yourself Forth

  • Jean Scott-Honig
    11 months ago

    Just what my heart delights in – the call forth from Wisdom to remember my radiance no matter what. Gracias Amiga.

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