Blue Skies in New Delhi

Blue skies in New Delhi,
something the young have never seen.
In Punjab, people cry to see
a view for decades blocked—
the snow peaks of the Himalayas.
In Krakow the Tatra Mountains
have emerged as if newborn.
The canals in Venice are clear
enough that fish swim visible.
In China, a miracle of birds
are heard in the street once more.
Everywhere the winds
are going innocent again.
Everywhere, infrared photos show
the air scrubbed clean
of us,      of us.

We must remember this,
We can regreen our earth,
It can be done, we’ve seen
the planet more than ready
to return to harmony and balance.
You say you can’t imagine it?
Quick, look now, look now.
We must remember
blue skies in New Delhi,
snow peaks of the Himalayas,
reborn Tatra Mountains
the miracle of singing birds;
and quiet humans contemplating
what we’ve done,
and what we now can do
to find the natural way again.

©Susa Silvermarie 2020

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