Her Story

Maria Angelina Caterina dal Vago Sartori 1916

Since the Day of the Dead last year, when I wrote about my Italian Grandmother, I have learned her full name and have planned my visit to the places where she came of age. She has guided me toward these milestones. Today as the veil is lifted between the worlds, I laugh and visit  with my Nonna, full to the brim with gratitude, Her name is Maria Angelina Caterina dal Vago Sartori. In April I travel to Acquaviva delli Fonti and to Udine to honor her. And to honor all the forgotten female ancestors whose names and stories have been lost to family history.

Here is my post about Nonna from Day of the Dead 2017.




Ancestor Windows


They say the veil between the worlds is thin on Hallomas Eve, aka Halloween, aka Day of the Dead, aka Samhain. I have found it so, and the curve of time-space may let us visit not only with Ancestors, but with those to whom you yourself are Ancestor!

Stand, then, in the middle of a room between two open windows. Look toward the window on your left.  Glimpse, outside the window on your left, a weaving line of Ancestors, beginning with your parents and grandparents, vibrating back into obscurity. Look toward the window on your right. Glimpse, outside the window on your right, the Descendants of your body or your heart, a pulsing line of people you do no recognize but who seem so familiar.

In the room in the house of your life-time, you close your eyes. You hear a humming like a bee hive, you feel a wave throbbing with life and generativity. You sense your throbbing place in a cord of life-times. You open your eyes and walk toward one of the windows. Notice which window you have approached,  the Ancestor window on your left, or, the Descendant window on your right.

You lean out of the window to look. A figure in the distance, 200 years before  you, or, 200 years ahead of you, is trying to get your attention, smiling at you with radiance. When you give this figure your attention, a clear focus emerges, You  greet the figure with a bow and you begin your Day of the Dead visit, full of curiosity and gratitude.








with thanks to Jean Houston for her course, Unlocking Your Quantum Powers

Avian Miracles of the Morning

This morning I joined a wonderful group to bird at the Cajititlan Marsh about 30 minutes from where I live in Ajijic Mexico. The local sponsoring organization has an informative website including newsletter signup at http://www.chapalabirders.org/index.html

A pair of Roseate Spoonbills side by side seemed to be ‘spooning’ in duplicate as their lovely pink reflection doubled their beauty.

Off the side of the gravel road, three  Painted Buntings staggered my heart as they posed in a snag of vegetation.

A loggerhead shrike

and a tropical kingbird sat still for me to gaze upon in wonder as well.And in the same snag,I got to see what a Lark Sparrow looks like next to a Northern Mockingbird.

I learned that a Groove-billed Ani has a much longer tail than a crow and that even though I wasn’t close enough to see the grooves, I could see  its bill was shaped like a parrot’s.Tuxedoed Black-necked Stilts, with pink legs and straight narrow bills, stood next to Avocets, with equally long bills curved elegantly upward. Then the Ibis flew by with hers tilting downward!

These are the ones I received into my heart as the gifts of today. There were many others, like gallinules with red foreheads and coots with white bills and overhead hundreds of yellow-headed blackbirds descending from the sky into the reeds. I made this little personal list and searched online for photos  in order to remember!  I feel rich beyond belief to be alive  in  such a world.  A recent study suggests that bird biodiversity has been underestimated, and is likely close to 18,000 species worldwide! I am, and hope I will always be, a beginning birder. And also a human being beginning every new day as fully present  as these stunning winged ones.




Finest Ride at the Earth Faire

A cosmic wave
shoots through your body—
finest ride at the earth Faire!
Call it Kundalini, call it holy cleansing,
call it the O that women know,
but ride it through to wholeness.
Ride that cosmic jolt of joy
to remember that you came from stars,
that you are large enough to hold
every one of them inside you,
that space-time seas wash through you,
and light more luminous than sun
is poured into your fleeting form.
Let the earthplane give its gifts to you!
Let the body

©Susa Silvermarie 2018

with gratitude for the following words from the ancient Charge of the Goddess: “All act of love and pleasure are My rituals.”