Asking Guidance

Young light
lays her tender touch
on the camel line of rounded mountains,
and over the rippling lake.
Morning warbler music
chants me back to waking.
Two vermillion birds
meet and dance mid-air before my very eyes,
and sunrise rays illuminate
their full-red pulsing breasts.

Standing at the edge
of trust,
I ask the light and winged ones
for guidance.

©Susa Silvermarie 2020

photography by Susa Silvermarie

4 Responses to “Asking Guidance

  • Carolynn
    8 months ago

    Always Loved your poems. But you’re voice reading them to me was always so wonderful. Love ya…

    • Susa Silvermarie
      8 months ago

      Carolyn! So good to hear from you, and yes, I wish I could read to you. You have inspired me to return to a practice I used to do, recording the poems I put up on the site, so you could click the audio… Sending love

  • The poem touches my soul Susa. You are an inspiration and rememberer of true beauty. Thank you for your gift. Love, Karen

    • Karen, I don’t hear much back after putting my heart out there so I want you to know that your response (s) mean a lot! The website doesn’t show me emails or last names of commenters, so I need to ask if you are, as I think you are, Karen Kilroy, Pattie’s BF…

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